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Aerial Mapping

We offer an attractive and proven geodetic measurement of Aerial Maps. The map helps to understand the surface landscape and Geomorphic features effectively. Aerial maps are not only providing the landscape of the earth surface, but also helps to measure surface objects as same as In-situ (original) ground condition. A simple demo is presented below to realize the resolution of Aerial map (see the JCB vehicle).

Topographic Analysis

Topographic data provides detailed and accurate two-dimensional representation of natural and manmade features on the Earth’s surface. Topographic information can be expressed by Contour lines which help to realize the elevations of ground features. Contour lines derived from the DSM data displays terrain details as line of constant elevation interval. It helps to understand the surface sloping based on the closeness of the contour interval. A sample of Elevation data and Contour lines is given for your reference.

Area and Volumetric Analysis

The area and volumetric measurements can be done through High resolution DSM data. The product outcome will be exactly same as in-situ ground measurement. This analysis provides a small to very large area information with centimeter level accuracy. The volumetric measures help to plan the ground works. A sample of volumetric analysis is shown here for your reference.

Geospatial services

Other than general requirements, we offer Geospatial services such as Slope mapping, Drainage density analysis, 3D topographic analysis, Thematic mapping analysis and etc. A sample of slope and drainage density map is shown here for your reference.

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