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About Us

JS Geospatial Solutions

JS Geospatial Solutions Private Limited is a first south Indian UAV based Geospatial Service Company !!!

Our prime goal is to provide advanced Aerial survey with millimetre level accuracy in a low cost. We offering surficial geospatial services including but not limited to Aerial mapping, Topography mapping, Geo-fencing, Build-up area and damage analysis, Area and Volumetric analysis, Cut and Fill analysis, Hydrological analysis and Intelligent monitoring support for land utilization.

Not like a normal survey, we used advanced Remote sensing technology for land topography measurements. We are the professionals having more than 10 years of experience in Remote sensing and Geospatial analysis.


Within half decay, all the land holders in this nation will have their own Aerial map in their Hands.


We think deeply, though couldn’t find a sentence that express our superior quality of services and revolutionary price. Our Strategy is to make JS Geospatial Solutions as a World’s best branding Company for Aerial mapping services.

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